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My name is Liisa Kersevani.  We are located just outside Townsville in North Queensland.

I first heard about the German Pinscher in 2009 and was determined to have one but at the time I had 2 Lowchen and lived on a small block in Cairns.  In 2013 my last Lowchen left this Earth and it was time to look into adding a GP to my life.  I contacted Heather Harrell from Angelsun Kennels who advised that she was planning a repeat mating of the litter I had to pass up earlier in the year.  In March 2014, Angelsun Continuum, "Q", was born.  9 weeks later he arrived and my life has not been the same since.

Angelsun Continuum and Angelsun Celestial Bliss - hopefully parents in 2016!

Q and Angelsun Celestial Bliss "Bliss" produced 2 healthy girls on Feb 14, 2016.  Angelsun Celestial "Thyme" will be staying with Folkvar as the future of our kennel.


Heather also brought with her a Chinese Crested, Ditta.  2016 saw the opportunity for us to go into co-ownership and exhibit a powderpuff Chinese Crested - Ertae Aint No Rudie Nudie (Twiggy).  Twiggy very quickly wormed her way into my heart (and bed) and is now a permanent fixture at Folkvar although now in a modified hairless cut as she has finished her championship and moving onto maternal duties in the near future.

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Liisa Kersevani
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