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My name is Liisa Kersevani.  We are located just outside Townsville in North Queensland.

I first heard about the German Pinscher in 2009 and was determined to have one but at the time I had 2 Lowchen and lived on a small block in Cairns.  In 2013 my last Lowchen left this Earth and it was time to look into adding a GP to my life.  I contacted Heather Harrell from Angelsun Kennels who advised that she was planning a repeat mating of the litter I had to pass up earlier in the year.  In March 2014, Angelsun Continuum, "Q", was born.  9 weeks later he arrived and my life has not been the same since.

Angelsun Continuum and Angelsun Celestial Bliss - hopefully parents in 2016!

Q and Angelsun Celestial Bliss "Bliss" produced 2 healthy girls on Feb 14, 2016.  Angelsun Celestial "Thyme" will be staying with Folkvar as the future of our kennel.


Heather also brought with her a Chinese Crested, Ditta.  2016 saw the opportunity for us to go into co-ownership and exhibit a powderpuff Chinese Crested - Ertae Aint No Rudie Nudie (Twiggy).  Twiggy very quickly wormed her way into my heart (and bed) and led me down the path of the Chinese Crested.  This delightful breed has taken me on an amazing journey already and I can never imagine a time when I do not have have a Crested in my life.


In 2019, I have decided that the Folkvar prefix will be used only for Chinese Crested breeding and will be breeding German Pinschers under the Angelsun prefix.  I sincerely thank Heather Harrel for providing me with this opportunity.

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Liisa Kersevani
Townsville, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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